Viccari Wheele Group

The Viccari Wheele group of companies / projects listed below have all been created over the years by Steve Wheele and Peter Viccari as services which can be seen as coherent entities in their own right.

Viccari Wheele Ltd

Viccari Wheele was established in 1997 between Steve Wheele and Peter Viccari. The business started by combining their design and photographic services, and soon expanded into the world of web, web services and web systems. The core business is still to provide highest quality design, project design, marketing, photographic and video services for their customers.

Viccari Wheele always have a keen eye on the quality of design with a particular emphasis on the image.

Limited Company No. 3592560

ClaimWatch Ltd

Developed for bodyshops, their work providers and car owners and launched in 2001, ClaimWatch is the longest running, independently owned, vehicle repair tracking system in the UK. It uses web-based technology to simplify communication between all parties whilst greatly improving customer care.

ClaimWatch enhances the driver’s online experience, helps cut down repair update calls and at the same time up-sells services to the driver. It is best described as a front of house customer system, rather than a back of house bodyshop management system.

Company No. 4584155

Refernet Ltd

Refernet was conceived as a community based service to allow agencies to refer customers across a local network. The primary requirement was to enable numerous agencies, who all work in different ways and may have their own systems and methods of working, to adopt just one method to refer between each other.

This is historically done using email and phone, as the common communication platforms when disparate organisations communicate. Refernet’s remit is to manage the referral itself, online. A narrow service, easy to use and highly secure, with secure document transfer, which is most likely to be attractive to all parties.

Our primary customer base is Citizens Advice Bureaux in the UK. We are expanding into other applications, such as Doctors surgeries, universities etc, and hope to begin attracting business from international – initially english speaking – countries.

Company No. 06499043 (Currently trading under Viccari Wheele Ltd)

Screen Team

Screen Team is a new service in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world has changed. The work place has changed, and we’re now all meeting much more online. Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout or any others, our clients are now often seeing us at home.

Presentation, becomes very important particularly for the organisation you are representing.

We understand brand, design and imagery. It’s what we do. Let us provide you with the tools to present yourself properly, when you attend virtual meetings with colleagues and clients.

There’s more to this than meets the eye, but once you have the right components for your circumstances, you will show the world what you want them to see.

It all comes down to getting the camera on your device at the right height, making sure what’s behind you represents what you do, and lighting yourself well. Finally, framing your head and shoulders properly, by looking at your image and adjusting the camera.

Gateway One

Gateway One is an insurance industry service which manages the response team organisation around a claim. There is team hierarchy and time management, time billing and other reporting.

Shout Aloud design services

Shout Aloud is a marketing service collaboration between Viccari Wheele and Rob Wheele (Steve Wheele’s brother) – for the Nursery sector. Rob covers design for print, and brand. Viccari Wheele manage web and imagery.

Rob runs his own nursery and has many years experience both in publishing for the sector and in design and branding.

Co-owned by Rob Wheele (brother of Steve Wheele)


Clictoc was developed in the mid 2000’s to provide a marketing and management tool for garages and garage groups to use for their Servicing and MOT customers.

It has a booking system and allows customers to book a slot at the garage. Clictoc has a customer page where up to three cars can be stored with all the essential dates; MOT, serving, Road tax etc. Text messages are sent out to remind customers of activity required. Group or individual Garages can promote and market their services  to the driver customer.

Currently Clictoc is ‘dormant’, but relatively easy to revive and roll out to a network of garages or to promote as a stand alone system.

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