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Hughes Pumps, which supply services to the motor insurance industry, needed a website to reflect their expertise in providing sophisticated solutions to insurance problems, required an imaginative website, with visual appeal and direct access to the various services on offer.

At Viccari Wheele we spent considerable time and care to photograph and write about their Company to make their offering clear and appealing.

Photography & Video
in 1995 we began working for Hughes pumps by shooting some of their products for brochures. Since then, we have regularly re-visited Hughes to shoot products, their high tech machinery and staff, to help them promote their ‘Built in Britain’ image. Photography is presented to them via our image hub at where they have a permanent archive of all their images.

We usually shoot video at the same time and have created a very successful corporate video along with numerous video clips, all available to their prospective and existing clients on their own Vimeo channel  which helps in SEO searches for their products, and presents their product line in a linear fashion, useful for exhibitions and as an introduction.

Hughes Pumps PR

Schedule for PR & advertising

Diesel powered water jetting trailer

Portrait advert for water jetting trailer

Adverts for water jetting equipment.

We are on the third generation of website build for Hughes Pumps, who are keen to maintain a contemporary look and feel for their company. Hughes wanted a site which is easy to navigate and not too large.

Email Campaigns
Regular email campaigns to existing and prospective clients, keep them abreast of the latest technology on offer, and carry they latest news and stories which we supply to the high pressure and water jetting pumping industry press.

Research and negotiation with various publications enable us to place advertising in the most appropriate spaces, often with editorial at no extra cost or vice versa. This allows us to offer great value, which clients aren’t often able to match when they work alone in this field.

Joined up!
Ultimately, as we deliver a full service to Hughes, they benefit for much better value and joined up process which feeds off the various disciplines we apply to their business, helping to keep them highly visible in their industry, and successful in a competitive market.

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