Comprehensive service portfolio for flight simulation.

Tec Reports
Tec Reports

We have been working with Quadrant Systems since 1989. Nearly 30 years! We started with photography and this latest commission was for a general image of the Simulator Hall and interiors of their latest Boeing 737-800 flight deck.

Technical challenges around making images for flight simulation include the need for powerful studio flash to fill big spaces with the knowledge of how to mix with available light and sometimes movement. On the flight deck there is limited space and it’s dark with high contrast displays… Oh and a willingness to work in the middle of the night when the simulators aren’t in use.

Over the years we have produced:
Exhibition panels
Websites (though not the current one)
Briefing panels for training crews

Below are a couple of early images form the 1990’s including a rare shot of a flight crew training – shot from the front, and a Boeing 747-200 series simulator exterior. When I first photographed this, the original computer was still hooked up via cables from the outside. It was about 3 x 2 x 1m in size!