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Bodyshop revolution, a subdivision of ByteBack, is our longest standing client , who we started working with in the 1980’s, providing brochure & leaflet design, and photography.

Jon Parker, ByteBack’s CEO, has been working in the motor repair sector for many years and is a highly successful entrepreneur, who’s imagination and dedication to providing various business and product solutions for the industry is very well known. Bodyshop revolution sets out to implement highly effective working practices and motor repairers, which initially can seem counter intuitive, but prove to be far more cost effective than traditional methods. Working u the UK, America, Europe and the far east, part of the service offering involves sophisticated technological solutions.

Viccari Wheele was asked to re-think the entire brand and visual ‘shop window’ for the company, to help create a focused and consistent visibility for worldwide clients and users of their products and services.


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